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Welcome to the BlackOpsMercenaries Special Forces community and the BOMSF Club.


We are currently active in ARMA III from Bohemia Interactive. For information about the game and its requirements please visit their official website here.

We run a game server 24/7 with our latest custom missions. The server may be preset to run a few missions in rotation but any player may vote for admin and select a mission from numerous available in the server's library. You can find our game server by setting your in-game browser filter to "bomsf". Many of our club members play after work and are on after 4PM Central Time in the US during the weekdays and who knows? on the weekends. Come and join us in the fun !

Arma III [BOMSF] Thor Task Management System

TeamSpeak Communications with the Club or in-game BOMSF Squad

You can access and join our website and game server communications using TeamSpeak 3.0 at or

Cobra hosts the teamspeak server and is usually on 24/7 to answer questions about the game or the club. Join in and say hello !

BOMSF YouTube Channel

BlackOpsMercenaries Special Forces YouTube Channel. Visit our YouTube Channel at YouTube Videos to view and share videos of club activities and our gameplay in ARMA II and III.

There are many places to explore and some warrant a return visit. But this is our home and it is special. Please help keep our home a safe haven to visit and a place to enjoy our friendships and games with one another. Consider a donation to help keep us alive and well. We all Thank You very much

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Our Billing Cycle resets the 20th of each month

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